Why a $9 Million Payday Couldn't Lure Taylor Swift

Rapper French Montana Reveals Taylor Swift Allegedly Rejected a Massive Payday for UAE Show.

In a move that raised eyebrows, French Montana, the rapper behind the hit "Pop That," took to social media last month.

He shared a screenshot of a curious proposition: a performance offer with a hefty $1 million price tag for him, alongside a redacted artist offered a staggering $9 million for a December show. But the mystery wouldn't last. In a recent interview, Montana revealed the elusive co-star for this potential UAE gig – none other than pop powerhouse Taylor Swift.

"Someone just sent me a show offer. Who do you think the $9 million is for lol?" he captioned above the messages in a post that has since been deleted.

The rapper, also known as the Unforgettable MC and born Karim Kharbouch, asserted in a recent interview with VladTV that the recipient of the $9 million offer was the 34-year-old Bad Blood singer.

"They had a show offer for me and Taylor — $9 million for her, $1 million for me," he stated. "Somewhere in the Emirates."

The reason for Swift's purported rejection of the offer remains undisclosed.

Financially, the pop star certainly doesn't seem to be in need, considering she was recently declared a billionaire earlier this month.

"Forbes reported, 'The most famous newcomer is, of course, Taylor Swift, whose record-breaking, five-continent Eras Tour is the first to surpass $1 billion in revenue.'"

"The 34-year-old pop star accumulated an estimated $1.1 billion fortune, derived from earnings from the blockbuster tour, the value of her music catalog, and her real estate holdings."

In addition, Swift achieved the milestone of becoming the "first musician to hit ten-figure status" solely based on her songs and performances.

Swift is presently taking a brief hiatus from her record-shattering Eras Tour, which has become the highest-grossing tour by any musician in history, raking in over $1 billion, according to Rolling Stone.

The tour is set to resume on May 9 in Paris and will wrap up in December with three consecutive shows in Vancouver.

Until then, the Cruel Summer songstress has been enjoying quality time with her partner, NFL star Travis Kelce, who is presently in his off-season after securing victory in the 2024 Super Bowl.

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