"Drag Race Queens' Horror Flick 'Slay' Sparks Bloody On-Set Mishap: A Challenge Beyond the Runway"

The world of drag collided with the horror genre in the Tubi original film "Slay," starring RuPaul's Drag Race alums Heidi N Closet, Trinity The Tuck, Crystal Methyd, and Cara Melle. However, the glitz and glamour of drag were put to the test as the queens found themselves battling bloodthirsty vampires, with real-life drama unfolding behind the scenes.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly's Quick Drag podcast, Heidi and Trinity shared insights into the intense filming process. They revealed that the extravagant costumes and elaborate makeup worn by the queens were not just for show but posed real challenges during action-packed scenes.

Trinity recounted the demanding stunts performed by the queens, including Heidi being lifted by her throat and slammed onto a table multiple times. Despite the risks, the queens insisted on doing most of their stunts themselves, adding an authentic touch to their on-screen performances.

"Slay" is not your typical horror film; it's a Drag Race acting challenge on steroids. Combining elements of camp comedy with gruesome horror, the movie follows four drag queens mistakenly booked at a rural bar, where they must fend off a horde of vampires to save the townsfolk.

However, the production of "Slay" was not without its share of challenges. Amidst the fake blood and intense action sequences, an on-set accident resulted in a real injury to one of the performers. Heidi revealed that during a scene where a bottle was smashed over a vampire's head, a piece of glass cut the actor, requiring immediate medical attention.

Furthermore, the revelation of Heidi's body double added an unexpected twist to the filming process. Trinity recounted the moment when the cast encountered Heidi's extra, noting the stark contrast between the professional stunt double and the aspiring drag queen.

Despite the mishaps, the queens remained dedicated to delivering a captivating performance. Trinity emphasized the physical toll of drag, highlighting the hours of preparation and endurance required to maintain the glamorous facade.

"Slay" offers audiences a unique blend of horror and drag entertainment, showcasing the talents of Drag Race alumni in a thrilling new light. The film is now available for streaming on Tubi, inviting viewers into a world where fierce queens battle supernatural forces with style and sass.

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